Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lights, camera, more lights!

We started today with a conundrum. What do you eat at 10:30? Deb was sure it wasn't breakfast, but it also wasn't lunch. By the time we figured out what meal it might be, deb was ready to share a sandwich for lunch. Yum!

We then headed to Hollywood studios, for a day of glamour and excitement. Or, mostly thrill rides and shows. We managed to ride several rides (tower of terror, rock-n-roll roller coaster, star tours) and catch two shows (beauty and the beast, Indiana jones, and the parade). Deb still gets a little misty over beauty and the beast.

We shopped a bit, and just wandered around in general before our dinner at the Hollywood brown derby. We really enjoyed our meal, and particularly our beverages before, during, and after!

Deb had salmon, Paul had bison.

Our last call for the night was the Osborne Christmas lights. They are jaw droppingly amazing. The lights and music are fantastic. If you aren't in the spirit after seeing and hearing these lights, you must be Scrooge before seeing all of the Christmas ghosts.

We came home to cute little towel swans kissing, and had some tea before snuggling up for the evening.

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