Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's an Epcot kind of day

We were tired, so we really slept in this morning. Deb planned dinner at the garden grill, so we could take it easy this morning.
As we got into Epcot, the topiaries were amazing. Donald and goofy were skating in the front - so awesome. Loads of pointsettias, too. Just gorgeous.

There were also Bambi, thumper, flower, and stitch. So cool.
We mostly wandered around today, doing things we weren't able to do last time, or things that were our favorites, like soarin' and the land. We continue to be amazed by how many British people are on the land. They do love their gardens, although none of the children got terribly excited when they saw cucumbers this year.
As usual, the trip continues to be ruled by deb's hunger, so we stopped in the afternoon to get a Mediterranean snack. Love that shwarma and hummus!

Dinner at the garden grill was great again, with visits from chip, dale, Mickey and Pluto. As usual, we asked for more vegetables, while our neighbors asked for more mashed potatoes.

Desert was a yummy baked bread with berries and ice cream. Simple and delicious.

We had fast passes for soarin after dinner, but took a relaxing ride on the land first to see the greenhouses at night. Since we hadn't seen illuminations last time, we found a spot to watch the fireworks. They were amazing. (I'm going to say that a lot on this trip, but trust me, it's one of the adjectives that works.)

Deb had half-planned taking advantage of the extra magic hours tonight. Epcot was open to disney resort guests until midnight. So, while most folks left after the fireworks, we had some really nice time to wander though the countries, do a little shopping, and have a drink at the English pub. We also managed to catch quite a few photographers to get some great pictures at night at Epcot.

The best part of magic hours was that when we came back to the hotel, they were getting all of the Christmas decorations up. We got to see what we've seen on tv in the past. They have everything organized by crates, and lay it out, and spend the night putting it up.

Another long day, and time for bed!

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