Monday, November 19, 2012

A mellow day at the movies

Today was our day with no reservations. Since we have a truly magical day planned tomorrow, we decided to be a bit low key today.

We started by having a nice breakfast at the hotel, and then found the boat to go to downtown disney. We decided that watching a movie would be a good thing to do today, since the best theater back home is our living room. We had planned to see the James Bond movie, but didn't want to do the dinner and movie thing, so we went to see twilight. The price was cheaper than back home - $12 for two tickets - what the heck? Of course, there was more than just us in the theater, so hopefully they make up for it in volume.

Deb normally loves previews, but five is her limit. Plus, although we were at a vampire movie, did every preview really have to be about witches, vampires, or zombies? Very strange.

At any rate, the movie was good, and we followed it up with a nice lunch at Wolfgang puck's express.

We did some more shopping here at probably the world's largest disney store, and then headed to Epcot to wander around and eat more shwarma. Seriously, the shwarma is that good. We eat it twice almost every trip. Paul likes to visit the universe of energy and take pictures outside of the cool glass building, and send himself postcards from the future in spaceship earth.

After that, a bit of tea and coffee in the food court, and then off to an early bedtime!

P.s. if you don't know, the disney cleaning staff are sort of famous for leaving behind towel animals. We're using our second bed to arrange them in different scenes each morning. Here is yesterday morning with our Mickey ears, and two swans. Just a little extra magic every day!

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