Friday, December 07, 2012

It's a wild world

Our planning suggested that animal kingdom would be less crowded today. It's not the most popular park, and the Christmas decorations are a bit more low key here. Our planning was good - we did everything we wanted here, and waiting in no lines!

We got fast passes for Everest right away, and then went off to see the nemo show, and grab passes for dinosaur. Nemo is one of our favorite shows at disney. It's original music, with great puppetry, and of course the great story. Because it's original, it has the least amount of weird cuts and the smoothest story, in my opinion.

The dinosaurs are scary! Hope they don't time travel back with us.

I just love wandering around Asia. The pennants are so colorful, and the backdrop of the mountain is great.

You can't go too far at disney without seeing a turkey leg. We decided to share one, and Paul decided to dissect it rather than eat like a cave man (who, according to Paul weren't around during dinosaur times, anyway)

I love Everest!

This was the only time we were in animal kingdom to see the parade, and it was the jingle jungle parade! We were facing the sun for most of it - oops - but still managed to have a great time before leaving.

Dinner was at kona cafe. A less than magical moment yesterday was aloha isle running out of dole whip. It boggle the mind. Anyway, the poly has a never ending supply, so we got our dole whip (minus the pineapple juice, boo hoo)

Dinner was at kona cafe. I had read some bad press on it lately, but our experience was great. We did wait a bit here for dinner, but were seated within about ten minutes of our reservation time. Crab cakes and warm pineapple bread (with honey walnut butter omg) to start

Lamb for Paul, duck for deb. Both were outstanding.

Creme brûlée for Paul, panne cotta for deb. yum.

We dashed into the magic kingdom to check out a shop and caught a small bit of the electric parade. Thankfully, Cinderella and Snow White had moved on to flirting with other gentlemen, so we went safely home to bed for an earlier night.

We're going on a safari tomorrow! Better get rested or the alligators will eat us up!

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More magic by the minute!

So, let's just say that the wifi at disney was less than magical, so the blogging was disrupted. We're safely back in reality land, with real dishes to clean, bags to empty, and real back aches.

On Tuesday of our vacation, we knew it would start to get busier, so we booked smartly to help us avoid the crowds and do everything we wanted.

First, we went to crystal palace for breakfast. Our reservations were at 8:50am, which was just before the magic kingdom opened. So, lucky us got to get in the park with almost no one there! The photopass photographers were already out, so we some fabulous shots of the two of us and the opportunity to take our own shots with very few people in them.

There is always someone there nice enough to take your picture!

It was then time for our Segway tour at fort wilderness! We did the Epcot tour last time, and really enjoyed it. We had enough time to wander around and check out the decorations there before going on a great tour!

Not us! Photo of Paul is not on the ipad.

After our tour, we went to the Grand Floridian to check out their decorations and massive gingerbread house. The velvet ropes are about four feet off the ground.

Back to the magic kingdom, where the new fantasyland was OPEN! We loved going under the sea and checking out Belle's village.

And, the camera was working at splash mountain today!

To cap off a great evening, we bought tickets for the fireworks party. We had the best view, best deserts, hot chocolate, and no worrying about where to be.

We then watched our favorite parade - the electric parade. I cannot hear that music without smiling. We were (quite literally) dancing on Main Street. Yes, Paul was dancing. It's his favorite parade, too. Tinker bell leads the parade, and I shouted up to her that it was Paul's birthday, and she shouted back birthday greetings. Since the late parade is much less crowded, Cinderella and Snow White noticed Paul's button and started flirting with him. I'm going to have to keep my eyes on those girls.

Oh, almost forgot. TEACUPS!

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