Sunday, January 03, 2010

We're back from our latest adventure - skiing at Big Powderhorn Mountain. We arrived at the mountain just after Christmas, and got back home yesterday.

This year, we stayed at the Mountain Vista cabin, which is an A-frame walking distance from the slopes. We've decided we like the A-frames best, because we have our own house for the trip, several couches, a log fire, and a big table for crafting! As you can see, Deb also got a new ski jacket for the season, and Paul scoured the internet for a matching hat so she would be cool and trendy as she walked to the slopes.

We did quite well skiing this year, and got our "ski legs" back a little more quickly than usual. On the second day, Deb was brave enough to do a couple of blue runs! Deb can now confidently ski all of the green runs, including her former nemesis, Buckshot. At the bottom of a successful run, Paul is triumphant!
With our matching helmets and balaclavas, we think we look like the Stig from Top Gear. This year, Paul brought his GPS data logger (the same one we used in the UK), because no trip is complete without a few extra gadgets. If you're interested in our actual routes and more pictures, you'll need the Google Earth software (free download) to open the Powderhorn KMZ files. The files are labelled with the date as YYMMDD, and there are four different ones to view. We forgot the location of the logger on the first day - and it's hard to find a GPS without one!

We also managed to do lots of crafting, eat some great food, shop for crafty supplies, sleep a lot, and challenge each other to quite a few Mario Kart DS races. If you're in the Ironwood area, we highly recommend Creative Spirits for your paper-crafting supplies. They have a wide variety of interesting items, and the two redheads are very helpful!

And, since we know Henley is reading this, here is a special message just for her: "WOOF! Woof, woof, waaaaa-ooooooooooo!"

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Linda-Carl said...

Dear Sis,

I hope you liked my waaaa oooo to you. I did, however, have to wear my glasses to read the blog. I have bad eyesight, but Mommy got me special glasses with an elastic band to help me.

Love, Henley